Google Hotel Ads | Boost your online bookings

Do you want to achieve more direct bookings at lower costs? Then make sure that you’re present during the search process of your potential customer.

Advertising through the meta search platform Google Hotel Ads gives you the opportunity to reach new customers during their orientation process. Because of your presence during this process, the chances of you actually getting new customers through this advertising channel, are many times greater than with other advertising channels.

Google Hotel Ads is not only meant for hotel owners, but also for providers of other types of accommodation, such as vacation resorts, campsites or providers of vacation rental homes.

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Download the whitepaper and learn more about:

  • Which accommodations are eligible
  • Hotel Ads & the Customer Journey
  • Connecting your offering to the Google Hotel center
  • Creating campaigns
  • Bidding options & campaign structures
  • Ranking and display


Adchieve is an official Google Hotel Ads integration partner.

Google Hotel Ads