Google Hotel Ads

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Google Hotel Ads

Millions of travelers around the world search for hotels or other types of accommodation on Google every day. Adchieve is official Google Hotel Ads integration partner and helps travel organizations with integration and campaign management.

How does it work

Google Hotel Ads are advertisements specifically for hoteliers, accommodation renters and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). These type of ads display the availability and rates in Google Search, Maps and the Assistant.

When you search in Google for a hotel, camping or holiday resort, there is a good chance that you will be able to book a stay and compare prices between the organic results or under the Google My Business Listing.


    • Reach more customers by showing availability and prices through Google Hotel Ads, when travelers are actively looking for a stay in a specific region.
    • Your ad will only be shown when there is availability on the desired arrival and departure date. As a result, we often see higher conversion rates and lower costs per conversion than most other traffic sources.
    • Send customers to the provider’s website to book directly or have them book on Google.
    • Pay only when someone clicks on the ad or, performance based, when someone books a stay.

‘Google hotel ads have higher conversion rates and lower costs per conversion than most other traffic sources’

Get the best results

Do you want to get the most out of the possibilities that Google Hotel Ads offers? Then it is important to ensure proper integration and optimal campaign management. As an official Google Hotel Ads integration partner and Google Premier Partner, Adchieve can support in this.

We support our customers in making the right data links with Google for both communication of availability and prices. The advanced features within our software and our application of data science make Adchieve unique as a partner for Hotel Ads:

  • Feed optimization: Adchieve offers very extensive options in optimizing the feed so that your reach in the Google search results is maximized.
  • Integration partner: Adchieve is a partner of Google to take care of the integration for providers of hotels, holiday resorts and mobile homes. The integration consists of providing a Hotel Listing feed, Hotel price feed & live query and Landingpage Review.
  • Campaign and Bid Management: Our data science team can, in consultation, create custom-made bidding algorithms, specifically focused on your KPIs, for maximum results. Through direct API links, these bids can be adjusted quickly and frequently with new data input from different sources inside and outside the Google Platform.

‘Hilton Worldwide achieved a 45% increase in the conversion rate and a 12% improvement in ROI’

Download whitepaper

Learn all about Google Hotel Ads

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