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Supreme Shopping enables you to get back full control over your Google Shopping ads and their performance, for both regular Google Shopping campaigns and Google Smart Shopping campaigns.

We call it Supreme, because we improve every element of your journey.


Margins are step one. We want to know everything about margins on different levels. With these numbers, we can realistically calculate exactly which orders, products, ads and clients can reel in the highest net profit.

Custom algorithm

Now this is where the magic of Supreme Shopping really begins. Based on the insights and your business goals, our data wizards build your custom algorithm.

This algorithm will be fully automated, continuously adjusting your Google Ads campaigns for the highest net profit possible.

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Supreme insights

There is way more to see than the Google dashboard shows, trust us. Dive deep into detailed insights on both classic Google Shopping and Google Smart Shopping campaigns. These extra insights give you an edge on the competition.

Supreme campaign management

As a campaign manager, you need trustworthy and detailed campaign data.

Sadly, Google Shopping limited or stripped away valuable data and insights.

Supreme Shopping puts campaign managers in charge again. On top of the functionalities and user-friendliness of Google, Adchieve adds detailed insights and full adjustability.

Make Google Shopping
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“We are outsmarting our competition while protecting a high net profit margin”

Marielle van Werven – CEO, Annadiva

“One of the biggest challenges for Annadiva is combining revenue growth with higher net profit margin.” says Mariëlle van Werven, CEOof Annadiva.

“The online fashion industry has to deal with a lot of returns and prices are always under pressure. If you’re not giving it your best, you might have a higher revenue, but your costs will rise proportionally or even faster.”

“On a monthly basis, the Google Ads costs weigh in as quite a big chunk of the costs. At Annadiva, we’re aiming for growth with a healthy and high net profit margin. Our positioning strategy and offer are what distinct us from the competition. But we also keep a close eye on how our net profit margin develops.”

With Adchieve’s Supreme Shopping tool, the net profit margin of products sold through
Annadiva’s Google Ads campaigns shot up with a staggering 30%.

“The algorithm understands which products sell more when and where, and smartly adjusts to that.” Mariëlle states. “We are outsmarting our
competition while protecting a high net profit margin.”

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