Few industries are as dynamic as the retail sector. How do you reach the consumer, how do you make them choose your product or service, whether it’s online or offline, and how do you keep your advertising spend under control?

Online marketing automation offers the solution.

Scalable and efficient campaign management

Making a large, varied and dynamic offering findable online in search engines and on marketplaces, at the right costs, is a very time-consuming task. Unless you automate it, that is.

Adchieve makes it possible to easily create campaigns in advertising channels such as Google Shopping, Google Search Ads, Bing and Amazon Search Ads. Thousands of products or even a million products? It’s no problem for Adchieve. Special consumer promotions? With Adchieve, all ads are adapted in no time.

Targeting & Data

Targeting company objectives

Each company is unique and has different objectives. Are you targeting the highest possible turnover, more customers in your network of stores, new customers with a high life-time value? Or should campaigns contribute as much as possible to your profit, for instance? Which KPIs do you want to target?

Whatever your objectives are, Adchieve addresses them through custom tailored business rules, smart (bidding) algorithms and machine learning technology. Weather data, sizing information, price developments, consumer behavior. You name it, and Adchieve will use the data to keep search and shopping campaigns aligned with your KPIs.

Connect valuable business data

As an advertiser, you possess valuable data yourself for optimizing campaigns in a targeted manner.

An example would be your insights into which products are in stock, margins that can be achieved on products, which customers order often and are profitable, the turnover rate of products, and return numbers.

Adchieve unlocks this data, makes it transparent and then uses it to manage campaigns.

ChromeBurner - Stijn van Oss
'The scalability that Adchieve offers, is absolutely essential for us.'
Stijn van Oss, Marketing Manager at ChromeBurner

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