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Adchieve feed & channel management

Optimal connection of data, channels, and products

With Adchieve Connect, you can be sure of a very solid foundation for your Google Ads campaigns. In Adchieve, you can comprehensively feed and update your product feed. Our software then processes your adjustments in no time at all and ensures that the Google Merchant Center always has the most up-to-date data.

With our easy-to-use software, you can manage ads from one master feed. By adjusting things in one place, you will prevent manual work. Also use our channel management to use your data on various advertising channels such as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, or Beslist. That is future proof advertising!

feed management columns

Feed management: extensive possibilities

In Adchieve, you can easily optimize, extend, and automate product feeds. We explain a number of specs for you below:

  • Easily add feeds (via URL or API).
  • Work from one master feed.
  • Combine feeds and add (order)data.
  • Continuously improve and enrich data.
  • Easily add or combine columns.
  • Use split mode.
  • Combine item IDs once items match.
  • Choose a mapping template and use one-time mapping for automatic correct mapping of your feed.
feed management rules

Make your own rules

In Adchieve, you set your own rules. Set up new (smart) rules and easily link the right categories to the right products. Combine multiple data feeds. Set alerts for illogical deviations.


feedmanagement preview and scheduling

Preview & scheduling

View all your products and columns via the handy preview function with filter. Then easily schedule actions via the scheduling function.

Channel management

In Adchieve, you can use your data via various channel macros on Google and countless other advertising channels such as Facebook, Amazon, and Criteo. Just what you want!

In addition, take advantage of the following benefits:

  • View all linked platforms in one dashboard.
  • Quick set-up of the channels via one-time mapping.
  • Quickly copy to other channels via master mapping and adjust where necessary.
  • Assign products to a particular category through the Google Merchant Center.
  • Bring data from the Google Merchant Center back to Adchieve and review Google’s comments.


With Connect, you always make data-driven choices in your campaigns and product range.

Vincent de Lange, SEA automation consultant, Adchieve

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The right feeds are also very important for Local Inventory Ads. Read the Hornbach customer case, which achieved three times more conversions through the use of LIA.

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