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Google Hotel Ads Integration

What does a Hotel Ads integration partner do?


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Do you want to advertise on Google Hotel Ads or do you want your brand or property to appear organically through Free Booking Links? Then it is good to know what Google needs from you.

Google’s advice is to onboard to Google Hotel Ads through an official Google Hotel Ads integration partner.

Adchieve integrates Hotels, Campsites, Online Travel Agencies, Holiday Parks and other Accommodation Hosts. Optionally, we offer support in the management and optimisation of Google Hotel Ads campaigns within your own account.

How do I integrate on Google Hotel Ads?

As an official Google Hotel Ads integration partner, we integrate your accommodation into Google Hotel Ads within 4-6 weeks.

The integration takes place over 3 steps:

1: A feed with your properties to Google

We upload a feed with all your properties to Google, so that they know which Google My Business listings you want to advertise on. We regularly update this feed in case of changed or new offerings.

2: Link with the reservation system

We create a link with your reservation system, for example, Stratech, Maxxton, Mews, Bookzo or any other reservation system. This allows us to forward your current prices and availability to Google.

3: Dynamic landing pages that convert

Of course, the price and period for which you advertise in Google Hotel Ads must always correspond to the price and period on your own website. Therefore, we forward dynamic landing pages to Google.

Extra optimisation of your Google Hotel Ads

With Adchieve you can further optimise your Google Hotel Ads by, for example:

  • Room Bundles: show the available stay types of your property.
  • Whitelisting for Property Promotion Ads: extra visibility of your property.
  • Use highlight extensions: show USPs why your guests should book with you.
  • Display your brand’s logo within Hotel Ads.
  • Free Booking Links: Get Free organic traffic from the Google Hotel Ads listing.

Also, improve your SEA/Google Text Ads

  • Campaign creation

Adchieve offers extensive campaign creation options where you have various options for creating and setting up your Google Ads account. Think of each hotel as having its own campaign or all hotels in one campaign and setting your targeting. Automated and always up to date!

  • Bidding strategies

We have extensive experience with bid management and are happy to advise you on the right bid strategy. With Google Hotel Ads, for example, start performance-based with the commission per stay strategy and only pay if the booking has actually taken place.

The advantages of Adchieve at a glance:

  • Official integration partner for Google Hotel Ads onboarding.
  • Create automated Google Hotel Ads campaigns easily and widely.
  • Ownership of the Google Hotel Ads account for campaign insights and optimisation.
  • Extensive possibilities in the field of technical optimisation of the campaigns, such as Room Bundles.
  • Optionally use campaign and bid management.
  • Attractive partner options for agencies.

Advertising on other platforms

Adchieve also offers links with other price comparators such as Trivago, TripAdvisor, and Zoover. Links to channels such as Facebook and Criteo are also available:

Become a partner of Adchieve

Are you a marketing agency, channel manager, or booking engine with customers in the travel industry? We are happy to help you with the integration so that your customers can quickly realise the benefits of Google Hotel Ads. This naturally includes attractive conditions.

A selection of our customers and partners:

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