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A higher return with Google Hotel Ads

The introduction of Google Hotel Ads has further expanded the share of metasearch in the customer journey. This metasearch platform has grown into one of the largest price comparison sites.

Unlike other metaseach engines, travellers use Google’s Hotel Ads without realising that Google has subtly integrated it into search results.

Adchieve is an official Google Hotel Ads integration partner. This means that we can help Hotels, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Holiday Parks and other accommodation providers to start with Google Hotel Ads. In addition to the integration, we have years of experience with Google Ads and we successfully support advertisers with campaign and bid management for Google Hotel Ads.

Google Hotel Ads

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What to expect

  • Adchieve supports you in the Google Hotel Ads integration process
  • arrowMake use of Room bundles
  • Whitelisting for Property Promotion Ads 
  • Optionally, use the campaign creation via our automation software for extensive campaign management options
  • Optionally, use our tailor-made bidding algorithms that rely on company-specific data

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