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More than hotels only

Google Hotel Ads

Millions of consumers and business travelers use Google to search for the perfect accommodation at the best price prior to a trip. Google therefore offers the possibility to advertise on Google via Google Hotel Ads.

As an advertiser you can make additional bookings through attractive conditions at Google Hotel Ads. The commissions are often lower than commissions on booking platforms such as Booking.com and Trivago. Moreover, as an advertiser you remain the owner of customer data and you can take care of your cross sell yourself. In this white paper you can read more background information about Hotel Ads, the possibilities it offers and tips for deploying and optimizing the Ads.

Which accommodations are eligible?

The name suggests that it only concerns advertisements for hotels, but this is not the case. Holiday parks or vacation rentals may also be eligible. Accommodations that do not qualify are, for example, camping places for a tent.

Accommodations that are eligible to appear within Google Hotel Ads must meet a number of criteria.

  • In essence, it must be a room where a guest can spend the night.
  • The space has fixed walls and there are sanitary facilities.
  • A reception must also be available that is open at normal operating times.
  • It must be possible to book for 7 days or less.


Boost online bookings

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