One software solution for Google Text Ads automation for travel

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Easily create every Search Ads structure available. Automatically updated from your product feed

Campaign creation

  • Choose to create multiple campaigns based on a column in your feed, or choose a single campaign.
  • Create different ad group variants based on columns from your feed
  • Set keywords from columns in your feed, choose your match type and starting bid.
  • Automatically apply negatives to your ad groups.
  • Set synonyms for your keywords
  • Connect with automatic sitelinks
  • Schedule the feat to automatically update your campaigns.
  • Easy previews in each step.
  • Does not overwrite manual adjustments in Google Ads.


Sitelink creation

Easily create every sitelink extension. Automatically updated from your product feed.

  • Automatically create sitelink sets from your product feed.
  • Automatically update sitelinks to include links to your best performing destinations.

Custom made bidding algorithms

Automatic bids based on your KPI

  • Choose your own CPA, ROAS or Profit target.
  • Automatically update your keyword bids.
  • Automatically optimize your bid modifiers (e.g. device, location, gender)
  • Advance Machine learning techniques, semantic learning, exponential smoothing and data aggregation for the most optimal results.

Google Hotel Ads

Hygiene Checks

Get a quick overview of your Google Ads account hygiene

  • Empty Ad groups, ad groups without ads and or keywords.
  • Ad groups without sitelinks.
  • Ads with disapprovals (404’s, trademarks)
  • Keyword conflict, multiple keywords in different ad groups


Marketing Calendar

The marketing calendar enables you to preset your promotions and discounts

  • Set your temporary promotion texts and discounts in advance
  • Use the count down function to create urgency


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