How do you reach new talent? Talent that can make a valuable contribution to the growth and development of your company? By being present when that talent starts their online search!

Many of your potential employees who are actively looking for a new job, start by searching on Google. So that’s where you want to be in order to be able to respond directly to interesting candidates. However, advertising large numbers of varying job opportunities, is a labor-intensive task.

Unless you automate it, that is.

Large-scale advertising

By using a vacancy feed, the Adchieve software makes it possible to convert all available positions into relevant ads in Google in one swoop. You can easily edit the feed without any technical knowledge and optimally organize it for ads that are highly relevant. If vacancies are added to the feed, new ads are created automatically. Expired or filled vacancies are immediately paused, so that no advertising budget is wasted.

A matching job title

ADchieve ensures that the right keywords are linked to each vacancy. We do this by using smart algorithms. Even with creatively defined job titles, we know how to find and match the right terms through our algorithms. In practice it means that you’ll be found without problems on the right keywords, with appealing ad copy.

Automating bids

Some positions may be difficult to fill, making it desirable that these vacancies are easy to find at all times. There will also be positions that are easy to fill, though. Job openings like that don’t have to be findable continuously, which means that the bid per click can be reduced for these vacancies.
To ensure that bids in Google match your objectives, we develop custom-made bid algorithms.
The bidding algorithm ensures that, based on coordinated KPIs, bidding is optimal and automated and that you find the right candidate at the right time.

Engineering success

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